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Both my partner and I live on the Sunshine Coast of Australia and work as independent researchers for alternative health. We have personally done the protocol twice and had great results and continue to support others in the quest for better health.

Please use this protocol at your own risk, research it thoroughly before taking it on.
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  1. hi
    thanks for informative site on candida. Beyond diet, I want to give my body a freed up start without the little candida buggers in me. But I am concerned about how to be sure i am buying lufenuron pharmaceutical grade from trustable company? Can you please recommend one or two for me?

  2. I apologize for posting this on your blog but I’ve tried over and over to get the email form to work with no success. My doctor would like me to order Lufenuron. I’ve taken it before and had great results. Can you please tell me what that process is? Thank you SO much in advance!

  3. Hi guys. I’ve ordered through a friend from you before but have moved to Roxby Downs SA. I currently have ears and head full of biofilm again after being exposed to black mould at the friend I ordered through house so I’m needing some to place another order ASASP. Can you please email me with your direct email address with phone number. Do you do visa over the phone? Thankyou Leisl

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